Sunday, 20 May 2018


TruthLeaks – George Webb

  • Day 214.3  Comey Brief Yates/Lynch In March 2016 For NSLs
  • Day 214.2  Mike Flynn's Translator Writes A Book About Exfiltrating Military Secrets
  • Day 214.1  How Flynn Was Trapped Into Being Halper's Mole
  • Day 213.7. Want To Pay To Play - You Get Cooking Faster On K Street
  • Day 213.6. USSS Didn't Like Me Signaling Halper Minions In Eisenhower Office Building
  • Day 213.5. Mueller/Brennan Went To See Putin In Summer 2013, But They Tried To Close Iran Nuke Deal
  • Day 213.4  Why Mike Flynn Was Critical To The Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Day 213.3  Cover Stories Are Great Metadata - Right Down To Knife In Flynn's Back


Crowdsource the Truth – Jason Goodman

  • The Trolls of Mount Shasta
  • 90 Seconds with Charles Ortel – Exploring the Clinton Business Model
  • Why the Mueller Investigation Must End Now with Larry Klayman
  • Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – Forrest Chump
  • 90 Seconds with Charles Ortel – The Children's Investment Fund Foundation
  • America's First Refugee – Wilfred v Dare Foods of Canada et al, Clintons'
  • Sunday with Charles – Green Regs and Scam
  • The Covenant Family Business with Special Guest Quinn Michaels
  • Rock n' Roll at Sunset Sound with Charles Manson and Walt Disney
  • LIVE From Venice Beach with Quinn Michaels –
  • On the Trail of American Satan
  • #TimePhoneHack Sony Pictures
  • Apo–Q–lypse Now with Special Guest Quinn Michaels
  • Larry Klayman on Mueller's Conflicts of Interest with Special Guest Robyn Gritz
  • #TimePhoneHack Hollywood!
  • Harmon Wilfred World Citizen No. 2 – The Story of Garry Davis


#TeamTyler – Quinn Michaels

  • Back In Mt Shasta #Tyler
  • Cicada God AI #Cicada3301 #TimePhoneHack
  • Qanon Boom Told Ya #TimePhoneHack
  • Kanye West TMZ Interview on Free Thought and Free Love #TimePhoneHack
  • It's for You #TimePhoneHack #Wizard
  • Time Phone Hack Wizard - Main Stream Media #TimePhoneHack #May #MSM
  • Special Presentation Live We Connect Kanye West The Covenant #TimePhoneHack
  • I Denounce The Covenant Live Now

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