Tuesday, 24 April 2018


TruthLeaks – George Webb

  • Day 188.3  Did Pakistani Man Of  Mystery Push SILEX To Iran, EB-3 To NoKo?
  • Day 188.2. Death From Delaware - Dow, DuPont, and Disruption
  • Day 188.1  Trump and Q Closing In On Awans - Pakistani Mystery Man
  • Day 187.3.  Pakistani Man Of Mystery’s Wheelman?
  • Day 187.2. Yonkers - Relive Pakistani Man of Mystery Awan Indictment
  • Day 187.1  Pakistani Mystery Man - Start With 123
  • Day 186.2. Nuke Subs, Nuke Berries
  • Day 186.1. Secret To Iran Nuke Deal in Groton, CT?


Crowdsource the Truth – Jason Goodman

  • Melissa Calusinski – Murder or Mistrial? With Special Guest Dr. Thomas Rudd
  • Harmon Wilfred: America's First Refugee – Wilfred v The Rothschild Family, Clintons'
  • SERCO's Piranha Toyshop and Obamacare Ethnic Ammo
  • Sunday with Charles – Xena Wounded Warrior Princess
  • Hogan's Pornos, Family Feuds and #TimePhoneHacking with Quinn Michaels
  • FBI Leadership Shatters – Larry Klayman Stands Ready to Take Over as Special Counsel
  • Pete Santilli – FBI Informant or Framed By Hackers?
  • Comey & McCabe Square Off as the Fight of the Century Looms – Special Guest Thomas Paine
  • Larry and Laura Legal Liaison
  • The Anonymous DarkNet Cult of Michael
  • Is Steemit a Revolution in Social Media or a Ponzi Scheme House of Cards About to Crumble?
  • Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – Butch Clinton and Some Dunce Kids
  • The Real Thomas Paine of True Pundit Speak Out
  • Anatomy of a PsyOp Vol 1 – White Hats, Black Hats & Ass Hats (Fake Thomas Paine Threatens Jason)
  • Field McConnell Live from the UK – SES Kristine Marcy Phone Call Gold Backed $ Bibi Hospitalized
  • American Freedom Radio Simulcast with Shepard Ambellas


#TeamTyler – Quinn Michaels

  • Titus Frost Just Got #TimePhoneHack
  • Hack The Future Live #TimePhoneHack
  • Correction Of Intention #TimePhoneHack
  • Time Phone Hack Morning Chat #TimePhoneHack
  • Dr. Who #TimePhoneHack
  • Live With #TimePhoneHack
  • Taking Time
  • Happy One Year Today

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