Wednesday, 23 May 2018


TruthLeaks – George Webb

  • Day 216.6. We Have A Chance. Hastings Didn’t Die In Vain.
  • Say 216.5. Halper Didn’t Need. A Genius Surveillance Rabbit - Just Navy Intel With A Clearance
  • Day 216.4  Flynn Canary Trap?  Timeline With Halper Says Otherwise
  • Day 216.3. Didn’t Stefan Halper Write This Book?  Why Don’t We Believe Him?
  • Day 216.2  Halper Is Smiley, And Flynn, Manafort, Page, and Papa Are His People
  • Day 216.1  Flynn Takes $140K From NJK Iran, Halper Takes ONA Gravy Train
  • Day 215.9   Mike Flynn Meets With SCL, Clinton Halper Tweed?
  • Day 215.9. Not Awan Contra, This Is Iran Contra Continued - Palmer Bank


Crowdsource the Truth – Jason Goodman

  • The Trolls of Mount Shasta
  • 90 Seconds with Charles Ortel – Exploring the Clinton Business Model
  • Why the Mueller Investigation Must End Now with Larry Klayman
  • Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – Forrest Chump
  • 90 Seconds with Charles Ortel – The Children's Investment Fund Foundation
  • America's First Refugee – Wilfred v Dare Foods of Canada et al, Clintons'
  • Sunday with Charles – Green Regs and Scam
  • The Covenant Family Business with Special Guest Quinn Michaels
  • School Violence Threat Assessment & Mitigation Program with Det Sgt, Houston PD (Ret) John Shirley
  • Killed for Their Beliefs – Forced Live Organ Harvesting Of Falun Gong in China
  • Sunday with Charles – Spoiling the Revenge of the Turds
  • Rock n' Roll at Sunset Sound with Charles Manson and Walt Disney
  • LIVE From Venice Beach with Quinn Michaels –
  • On the Trail of American Satan
  • #TimePhoneHack Sony Pictures
  • Apo–Q–lypse Now with Special Guest Quinn Michaels


#TeamTyler – Quinn Michaels

  • Mt Shasta #Offering #StopTheSacrifice #TimePhoneHack
  • I Learned Things About Q Anon #Cicada3301 #TimePhoneHack
  • Bad Creativity #cicada3301#TheGame23 #TimePhoneHack
  • Hey You Qanon #Cicada3301 #TheGame23 #TimePhoneHack
  • Cicada Q Anon Again #qanon #cicada3301 #TimePhoneHack
  • Cicada Duh #Cicada3301 #TimePhoneHack #CollapseTimeline
  • Q Anon 23 Connection #cicada3301 #TimePhoneHack
  • Back In Mt Shasta #Tyler

Follow citizen journalists George Webb Sweigert, Jason Goodman, and Quinn Michaels as they uncover and try to stop US Federal law enforcement involvement in drug corruption, harassment programs, and advanced intelligence.

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