Thursday, 23 November 2017


TruthLeaks – George Webb

  • Day 34.5  I Didn’t Know 123 was Libya, Syria, Turkey, But Thanksgiving Reminded Me.
  • Day 34.4. Pak ISI 111 Destroying Records, Releasing Prisoners
  • Day 34.3. Flashback For Operation 123
  • Day 34.2. The Elusive Mark Lambert
  • Day 34.1. I Oppose Awan Request For More Time
  • Day 33.5. Laptops to Sugar Packets. Ore to Yellowcake.
  • Day 33.4. Lambert vs Campbell.
  • Day 33.3. If Chagoury is at Urenco, Uranium is 1, Weapons are 2, and 3 is ...


Crowdsource the Truth – Jason Goodman and Trish Negron featuring George Webb

  • Examining JFK Artifacts with Robert Groden
  • The Real Lee Harvey Oswald: Shocking Facts About the JFK Assassination with Judyth Vary Baker
  • John Barbour Discusses American Media and the 2nd Assassination of JFK
  • Transcontinental Conference - Abel Danger, Las Vegas, Helicopters & Other Inexplicable Phenomena
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse Victim Speaks Out
  • Operation Drumstick Underway?
  • Sunday with Charles - The Clinton Foundation (NOT) The Smartest Guys in the Room
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Evidence - Deep Dive with Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub

Follow George Webb Sweigert, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron as they uncover and try to stop US Federal law enforcement involvement in drug corruption and harassment programs.

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