What Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in the Market Today?

What Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in the Market Today?

When people hear about cryptocurrency, a big number of them can only relate with the bitcoin because it happens to be the most talked about. Well, the thing is as per today, there are quite a number of cryptocurrencies in the digital money market, and each one of them comes with its share of upsides and downsides. These cryptocurrencies can be bought in various exchanges or platforms or through mobile apps which can be downloaded from various websites such as bitcoin trader website.

The main issue here is that there are several cryptocurrency options to choose from which gives you no reason at all to back down. It is however advisable to get to know better each of the currencies before investing in them. This can go a long way in saving you from unexpected scenarios that find people who don’t take time to do research. There is a list of these cryptocurrencies that have been highlighted in this guide, so read through and be enlightened.

The most popular cryptocurrencies you will find in the market

The following are some of the most popular digital currencies in the market;

  • This happens to be the most popular currency which was launched in 2009 and it records a market value of $163 billion.
  • This 2017 launched currency facilitates cross-border payments using its crypto-token by the name XRP.
  • With a market value of $70 billion, this 2015 launched crypto-currency comes with an in-built programming language that enables running of blockchain through written programs.
  • Litecoin(LTC). This digital currency has a market value of $10 billion and it was launched in the year 2011. Its transactions are very fast when compared to those of bitcoin.
  • Neo (NEO). This was launched back in the year 2014 and it has a staggering market value of $5.8 billion.
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