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Michael Savage: Bannon Didn’t Make This Presidency

There’s a big lie being peddled and it’s at the very core of what is going wrong with the Trump administration. That big lie is that Steve Bannon is the architect of the Trump message and the one that got him to the White House. 

A new book is out detailing Bannon’s effect on the campaign and the White House. Bannon is portrayed as the voice that preached nationalism, made Trump address immigration as the forefront of his candidacy, and connected him to the working class.

By Michael Savage
July 19, 2017

Well, that’s the big lie. You, my audience know the truth. Let’s look at the timeline. Donald Trump first appeared on the Savage Nation for many years. In a 2011 interview on my show he addressed much of what he ran on; the economic unfairness of China, getting control of North Korea, the disaster that was happening in Iraq and the Middle East, how health care was destroying business, and yes, how he knew Russia was a geopolitical foe long before Romney said it. He was crafting his message on this program as far back as six years ago.

What was Steve Bannon during that time? He was in Hollywood working on documentaries, then starting a 501c3 for supposed government accountability, then a year later that he started working at Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart was a good man with a vision for what he wanted his website to become, but after his untimely death, Bannon took it over and turned it into his vision, which didn’t exactly match that of Breitbart.

Why do I bring this up? Because we are watching the Trump administration implode right now and there’s a reason for it.

He’s following the advice of Bannon and abandoning what he said he would do on the Savage Nation radio show. I know that Donald Trump was influenced by the books I worked so hard on, particularly Government Zero and Scorched Earth. These were the works that were New York Times best sellers during the campaign. Even the left wing Salon recognized this in Robert Hennelly’s piece “The Talk Radio Godfather of Trumpamania: What Michael Savage can tell us about America’s White Working Class.”

He recognized in the subtitle that, “While Trump was still gladhanding his way through polite society, Savage built an army of disgruntled Americans,” and in the article goes on to write, “Long before Trump’s arrival on the scene, it was conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, the ideological godfather of “Trumpism,” who galvanized this insurgency. Savage gave it a voice and a powerful narrative.” Here’s how:

In Government Zero I lay out 40 solutions to save America. You know what the first one is? Start a Nationalist Party. There’s an entire chapter about Saving America with Nationalism. I even write in that chapter, “I believe a nationalist movement would attract large numbers of…blue collar Democrats who aren’t interested in socialism and forced multi-culturalism. The just don’t want to live in an America where they are completely sold out to multi-national corporations who have no obligation to the nation they are helping to build.” Does that sound familiar to you? Did you hear that during the campaign, where do you think Trump got that from?

And in Scorched Earth, I talked about the Eddies, the men and women who won World War II, and who came back and built the greatest nation the world has ever known. The Eddies and Ediths did that. Not Harvard elites. Not the media. Not college professors. It was everyday working class Americans. My books outlined their wants and needs and beliefs. And Donald Trump read them, and he came on this program and told you what he wanted to do, and listened to what I had to say.

But now Steve Bannon has his ear, and he’s steering him in the wrong direction. Bannon’s encouraging his Twitter usage, he’s muddling the message, holding Trump back from true inspiring leadership (think of Churchill’s speeches). Donald Trump needs to remember what he read and said right here and get back to those messages. Build the wall, stop all immigration for a few years, fight ISIS to the very end, stop meddling in the Middle East and get back to building America with jobs and infrastructure, attack the drug epidemic by cracking out on drug manufacturers and drug peddlers. But we’re stuck on Russia, and the GOP is lost on healthcare and taxes. This is not the leadership you voted for and it’s a result of listening to bad advice and ignoring what got you there.

While I worked very hard to back Trump because I knew he was the only candidate who could beat Hillary I was very aware of his metropolitan liberal political orientation. But I believed he actually saw what the average Eddie and Edith wanted and realized their wants were in many ways the same as his. Secure borders, a healthy economy being foremost. Just because the ship of state is being steered left does not mean I no longer believe in my political orientation! I believe in ‘borders language and culture’ more than ever!


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