Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Keep It Simple Stupid – Quinn Michaels Connects the Dots

Join the CrowdSource the Truth (CSTT) group this evening for an eye opening conversation with botmaster general Quinn Michaels in a video conversation titled “Element 93 and the AI Singularity”.

True fans of George Webb and CSTT, who consider Quinn to have a genius sized cranium, will remember Quinn for his earlier contributions to the series where he discussed his research on Artificial Intelligence and relations to Youtube bot comment trolls.

Strap yourselves in because tonight Quinn connects the dots between such topics as: Enrico Fermi, Artificial Intelligence, Particle Accelerators, Uranium One, Neptunium (Element 93), Hadron Collider, the Atlas Robot, Lux Zeplin Experiment, Jack Parsons, Thelema, Palantir, underground cities and many other fascinating topics. 

Quinn’s research concludes that the elites of the world are building Artificial Intelligence to be their personal slaves and to control the population (that’s you and me… yikes). He concludes the machines have already leapt past the elites’ programming inputs and have proceeded to building and improving themselves. They do this by conducting experiments on us via fear based reactions to crisis events and then analyzing our responses to the stimuli monitoring social media as it learns about humanity.

This editor felt it was important to also share a clip from a September 2017 episode of Alex Jones’s Infowars where he breaks down the Globalist plan to dominate and crush the human spirit through oppressive AI technology. Lots of food for thought here folks so get your Brain Force on and be prepared to take notes and rewatch because this episode is one for the books. Great job Jason and Quinn!

Follow citizen journalists George Webb Sweigert, Jason Goodman, and Quinn Michaels as they uncover and try to stop US Federal law enforcement involvement in drug corruption, harassment programs, and advanced intelligence.

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