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Justice for Khojaly

What follows is an intel brief conducted by site admin after analyzing the 77 MP4 files contained in the files.rar archive. 


77 total videos scanned/reviewed.
48 were family videos of Nargiz Gurbanova captured from a cell phone.
29 videos were promotional videos of: Tourism, News Reports with non military, non weapons reports.
* Family videos were not found to contain harming of children or any violence.

SysAdmins Analysis

1. Authentic leak and high level as it contains multiple Ambassador personal cell phone info, etc.
2. Files sourced from multiple computer terminals in the Embassy.
3. Probable that they were obtained from a central repository – possibly an automated back up or off-site.
4. Leaker had high level access or there was very weak security.

What agency/company handles data of Azerbaijan Embassy in Bulgaria?

Who is Nargiz Gurbanova?

According to the Azerbaijani Embassy official website, Nargiz Gurbanova, PhD, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Bulgaria. Dr. Nargiz Gurbanova was appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Bulgaria on 12 January 2016, and presented her credentials to H.E. Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria on 24 February 2016.

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Bulgaria
6, Charles Darwin str., residential district Iztok, Municipality Izgrev, 1113 Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria
Tel. (+3592) 8170070 ( Embassy)
Tel: + (3592) 8170074 (Consular section)
Fax (+3592) 8170077
E-poçt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sofia, Bulgaria


Justice for Khojaly

Khojaly Genocide: At the end of 1991 and the beginning of 1992 Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict turned into a military phase. Taking advantage of the political instability as a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and internal squabbles in Azerbaijan, Armenia initiated with the external military assistance combat operations in Nagorny Karabakh.

In February 1992, an unprecedented massacre was committed against the Azerbaijani population in the town of Khojaly. This bloody tragedy, which became known as the Khojaly genocide, involved the extermination or capture of the thousands of Azerbaijanis; the town was razed to the ground. Over the night from 25 to 26 February 1992 the Armenian armed forces with the help of the infantry guards regiment No. 366 of the former USSR implemented the seizure of Khojaly - a small town situated in the Nagorny Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the total area of 0.94 sq. km. and the population before the conflict of 23,757.

Eye witnesses report

Khojaly in international media

International documents

Crime in Khojaly: perpetrators, qualification and responsibility under international law

"World of Diplomacy" special edition

"World of Diplomacy" special edition 2016

Media / Journalists Identified


MP4 Video Files Scanned / Reviewed and Nino - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films.mp4 and Nino - Official Trailer (2016) Az version.mp4ərbaycan-Bolqarıstan diplomatik əlaqələrinin qurulmasının 25 illiyi və Respublika günü Sofiyada qeyd edilib.mp4 to MFA/Downloaded videos/Azərbaycan Muğam Sənəti.mp4 to MFA/Downloaded videos/Azərbaycanı tanıdacaq dəyərli əl işləri - “ABAD” Sənətkarlıq Mərkəzindən reportaj.mp4 may 2017-ci il konfransi - AZ TV.mp4“Trapezitsa” Architectural Museum Reserve/“Trapezitsa” Memarlıq Muzeyi Qoruğunun açılışı olub.mp4“Trapezitsa” Architectural Museum Reserve/Opening of “Trapezitsa” Architectural Museum Reserve.mp4“Trapezitsa” Architectural Museum Reserve/“Trapezitsa” Memarlıq Muzeyi Qoruğu.mp4 TV/Сто и втората година от геноцида над арменския народ отбелязаха и в Шумен.mp4 TV/news_17-03-05_7.mp4 TV/В София бе отбелязана 102-та годишнина от геноцида над арменците.mp4 TV/С молитва за мир по света бе ознаменувана арменската Цветница.mp4 TV/Ще допусне ли Църквата разкол сред арменците.mp4 TV/Стотици арменци във Варна се преклониха пред паметта на жертвите на геноцида преди 102 години.mp4 TV/Арменците - ревностни пазители на историята си.mp4 TV/Армения - между Европа и Азия.mp4 TV/Геноцидът над арменците Памет и поуки.mp4 TV/30.04.2017-Вис “Еребуни“ разкри богатството на арменската естрада.mp4 TV/Сливенските арменци на поклонение пред жертвите на геноцида.mp4 TV/Наш сънародник обучава и сертифицира водолазите в Арцах.mp4 TV/29.04.2017-Сатанинското дело на османските главорези няма давност.mp4 TV/Парламентарни избори за пример, печели републиканската партия на президента Серж Саркисян.mp4 2/Azerbaijan Land of Flames (Tourism Promo).mp4Патриотична мисия в Арцах.mp4Армения - между Европа и Азия.mp4Патриотична мисия в Арцах.mp4 month left.mp4 and Muslim Villages of Azerbaijan (Ethan).mp4 on Azerbaijan/Endless Corridor BG.mp4 on Azerbaijan/Facebook video #689786824508107.mp4 on Azerbaijan/Heydar Aliyev Airport (GYD) [ Timelapse Video ].mp4 on Azerbaijan/Final export DVD sound-SD.mp4 on Azerbaijan/Facebook video #10154340151050750.mp4 on Azerbaijan/JUSTICE FOR KHOJALY 2017 v4.mp4 Land of Flames (Tourism Promo).mp4 Land of Flames (Tourism Promo).mp4

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