Jerome Karam Friendswood Real Estate Company Is Transforming The Community

Jerome Karam Friendswood Real Estate Company Is Transforming The Community

The housing market in the larger Texas City and Friendswood, in particular, is growing for one particular realtor, Jerome Karam Friendswood. This significant surge in the demand for houses has been largely due to the ever-rising population of Pearland and Friendswood regions. Therefore, the number of new housing developments and the steady growth in the construction all reflect the population trend in the region.

The substantial growth of the population in the area led not only in an in-demand for homes and commercial buildings but also caused an increase in prices and reduced time a property stays on the market. In 2014 alone, Pearland issued a hopping 1,060 housing permits, a scenario that goes further to demonstrate the growth trend in the City of Texas. “The CEO of Keller Williams Realty Greater Northwest Houston said that the sector is witnessing multiple offers and many homes coming forth and being sold in record time.

Friendswood has had a fair share of the population increase in the City of Texas and it is anticipated to continue growing its population. This dramatic growth in population has seen Friendswood names one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas, the United States The significant growth for Friendswood began in the 2000s, and since then the area has continued to grow by the day, Said Matt, the Pearland Economic Development Corporation. Friendswood has been the greatest beneficiary of the overall growth of Texas with surveys indicating a steady annual growth of approximately 2 percent. According to the population census, Friendswood recorded a population of 38,484 in 2014. Real estate officials say that the proximity of Friendswood to organizations employing many people has played a pivotal role in its overall growth. Friendswood is home to a host of Texas employers across the industry, including the construction, medical, and manufacturing sectors.

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There are many job openings for people wishing to move into Friendswood markets depending on your area of focus, says recruitment experts. Improvements in the social amenities, road network, and the general working conditions have been the major drivers of population growth. The proximity of Friendswood to Houston has meant the availability of quality school districts, social places, joker and knit communities, says the local real estate agents and home builders. Beazer Homes Division President, Bruce Craig says that although Friendswood is a small area, it provides all the benefits of being close to a big city.

The influx of new residents into Friendswood has caused a higher demand for more housing options for city residents and those searching for employment. The Friendswood market is literally going crazy with respect to the number of housing demands. The number of households increased by 3000 in 2014 from 10,300 recorded in 2000, the U.S. Census revealed. With the population in the greater Texas booming, the construction sector (homebuilders and realtors) are having challenges meeting the demand for housing. This has caused a low inventory of available buildings, realtor officials noted.

All these growths have been largely contributed by towering real estate developers and investors. The notable name in this growth has been Jerome Karam, a renowned investor who made his first move in 2000 through his JKM5 Holdings LLC. Since then he’s become a household name in the real estate industry. Whether it is conversions, renovations or remodeling of old structures, Jerome Karam Friendswood has made history in the sector in the past two decades. So far, he has repurposed more than 10 houses, converted over 15 apartments into luxurious usable condos. As a local of Louisiana, Jerome Karam had a humble beginning and his interest in the real estate industry may be attributed to his family’s connection to real estate business. As a former attorney, Jerome Karam Friendswood has grown his investment knowledge and skill to become an accomplished realtor.

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