Monday, 11 December 2017


Since the revelation that multiple "pried open" hard drives were found in a rental property owned by the Awans and reported to Naval Intelligence, the FBI, Capitol Police and ultimately were collected as evidence the narrative has bothered me. Most capable IT professionals are aware that prying open a drive is not needed to destroy it and the theory this was this case is difficult to believe. Drives are typically destroyed with a drill and fire. So why would they be opened? During the recent vault 7 releases, a story came out detailing NSA shops around the globe who would intercept hardware destined for target countries and modify that hardware for the purpose of intelligence gathering. This type of espionage isn't an NSA specialty, China has been caught inserting backdoors into router hardware and it's a well known method in the intelligence community going back to WWII. A proposed theory is that the Awan ring may have used hard drives modified with hidden, internal replication storage in order to gather data that would not have been transmitted outside of secure systems and/or may have been protected or detectable by US intelligence monitoring programs if the data was sent over the Internet. The drives would be setup with a predetermined failure point, switched out with a new drive and then opened by the agent to retrieve the trojan horse inside. If the Awans maintained paperwork according to USGOV standards the failure / replacement rate of drives and devices should be referenced and compared to median rates.

References: DOD recommended solutions for physical destruction of hard drives 2015 Article on NSA spyware embedded in hard drives.    

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