Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Conflict Arm Tracks Weapons Supplies with iTrace Database Tool

Established in 2011, Conflict Armament Research generates unique evidence on weapon supplies into armed conflicts in order to inform and support effective weapon management and control.

How We Work

CAR investigation teams work on the ground in active armed conflicts. The teams document weapons at the point of use and track their sources back through the chains of supply. CAR teams investigate weapons in a variety of conflict-related situations—be they recovered by state security forces, surrendered at the cessation of hostilities, cached, or held by insurgent forces. CAR is committed to working towards understanding the landscape of illicit weapon flows and to mitigating the supply of conventional arms to unauthorized users, including insurgent and terrorist forces. By aggregating data on thousands of individual weapon transfers, CAR provides the evidence-based information required to develop effective weapon management and control.

iTrace Database Tool

iTrace is a European Union and German Government-funded project (Council Decisions 2013/698/CFSP and 2015/1908/CFSP), which provides policy makers with the precise, verified information required to understand weapon transfers in detail and, thereby, develop effective, evidence-based weapon management and control. The project combines an extensive programme of in-conflict field investigations with the world’s most powerful public access weapon tracking database.

iTrace allows free sign up to view their research so Sign-Up today. Thanks to Crowdsourcer Matt N. for bringing Conflict Arm and iTrace to our attention! 



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